Thank you to our Sponsors

As we’ve been volunteering for this wonderful organisation until very recently, our means of covering ourselves in quality gear is limited and we’re looking to sell our soles (funny or no?) for some gear sponsorship.  If you would like to sponsor our colossal hiking effort this summer, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

What do we need?

We are looking for high quality, lightweight gear that will get us across the country.  Please look in the Gear Room to see what we need.  Trail food supplies would also be most welcome, as would the services of trail angels or people along the way.

If you would like to donate a sum of money (which would also be excellent), you can sponsor us through Paypal by using the “Make a Donation” buttons to your left.  The money will be used to purchase gear items and food for the trail. If you have a specific purpose for the money you send us, please contact us and we will display our gratitude through stupid photos with said item.

Quetzaltrekkers also uses donated gear as part of the trekking operation.  If you would like to donate gear to Quetzaltrekkers in Guatemala, please visit the website or contact them at

What can we offer?

As well as being grateful (we will, beyond any gratitude you have ever seen before), your name will be associated with everything Quetzaltrekkers.  Everything we do at QT is for the kids and to improve the quality of life in Guatemala, whilst providing an implicit link to the outdoors and appreciation of those areas.  Linking this to with education of the next generation will increase the chances that these areas will be protected for years to come.  You would be a part of this.

The exposure of your products and services would be to a ready made market of the young (at heart at least), outdoorsy type, who regularly ask Quetzaltrekkers about quality gear and what we recommend.  Having been established for 19 years, and with a current trekker rate of 250 a month (on average), we hope that we can enlighten them about the quality of your gear, whether that’s through the blog, social media or in person.

First steps…

We want to build a relationship with you beyond 2014, so please get in touch…