Send Us Some Love!

before you continue reading, please take 4 minutes to watch this video.

the fact that we can’t understand a word he’s saying doesn’t matter. it’s pure joy just to listen to the excitement in his voice and see the amazed comfort on his face brought on by a simple bag of cheez doodles. aleksander gamme had been skiing solo and unsupported across antarctica for nearly three months when he came upon this food cache. apart from those working at the south pole station, he had seen only two other human beings and nothing but white for his entire journey.

while our’s may not be as isolated or extreme as gamme’s, you can bring the same joy to us as we hike from border to border! here’s the what, how, when and where of it.

what? homemade baked goods, jokes scribbled on random bits of paper, underwear (for grace), hand-written letters, batteries, $100 dollar bills, photos of home, PG tips (for dan), and vaseline.

how? put all these things in a box, and make it stand out so that it doesn’t get mixed up with general mail. draw a picture on the outside. wrap a ribbon around it. most importantly, make sure you write “please hold for PCT thru-hiker” and include our ETA as well (see below).

when? and where? at the bottom you’ll find a table with each of our stops and the date we plan to be there, along with the addresses. use this link to calculate how many days the package will take to arrive and send accordingly. remember, it’s best to have it there 3-5 days ahead of us just to be safe.

and lastly, please leave us a comment on this page so we know to expect a package. if our plans change, we don’t want your lovely, thoughtful parcels to sit unclaimed on a post office shelf. we will hike extra miles and go out of our way to retrieve the love you send our way!


Updated August 26, 2014. .

ETA address
April 22, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
mt. laguna, ca 91948
April 24, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
julian, ca 92036
April 28, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
warner springs, ca 92086
May 3, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
idyllwild, ca 92549
May 10, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
big bear city, ca 92314
May 16, 2014 use USPS
(hiker name)
c/o mountain hardware
po box 398
wrightwood, ca 92397
May 22, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o the saufleys
11861 darling road
agua dulce, ca 91390
June 7, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o kennedy meadows general store
96740 beach meadow road
inyokern, ca 93527
 June 9, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o chevron
independence, ca 93526
 June 16, 2014 use USPS
(hiker name)
c/o motel 6
po box 1260
mammoth lakes, ca 93546
 June 18, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
tuolumne meadows
yosemite national park, ca 95389
 June 28, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
south lake tahoe, ca 96151
 July 3, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
c/o sierra country store
213 main street
sierra city, ca 96125
 July 10, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
chester, ca 96020
 July 14, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o burney park camp store
mcarthur burney falls state park
24900 state highway 89
burney, ca 96013
 July 23, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o alderbrook manor
836 sawyers bar road
etna, ca 96027
 August 4, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o rodeway inn
2359 ashland street
ashland, or 97520
 August 9, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o crater lake camp store
mazama village
crater lake, or 97604
 August 15, 2014 shelter cove resort
 August 15, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o elk lake resort
60000 century drive
bend, or 97701
 August 22, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o timberline ski area
WY’East store
timberline lodge, or 97028
 September 2, 2014 (hiker name)
c/o white pass rural branch PO at the kracker barrel store
48851 us highway 12
naches, wa 98937
 September 7, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
c/o chevron station
snoqualmie pass, wa 98068
 September 10, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
skykomish, wa 98288
September 15, 2014 (hiker name)
general delivery
stehekin, wa 98852

8 responses to “Send Us Some Love!

  1. I am posting a letter to gzh to wrightwood ca. Mailing may 7! No cheese doodles but small tokens of love
    Mama z

  2. Hi Grace,
    Charlotte and I are sending you some love! Look for it at Elk Lake in Bend OR.
    Love, Lynne and Charlotte

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