Henley’s Ladypants

what? weight? why?
backpack: granite gear crown 60 34 oz lightweight, can carry a decent load, very clean, minimal design
gossamer gear hip-belt pockets 1.5 oz durable place to keep snacks, chapstick, pocket knife and little momentos found along the way
shelter: 6 moon designs wild oasis tarp with polycro groundcloth 14 oz very light with a bug net
sleeping bag: z packs 20 deg 16.7 oz hi tech plus comfort for gram weenies
sleeping mat: thermarest z-lite, 1/2 5 oz multi-use; again, tried and tested
hiking poles: black diamond trail takes a beating
stove: none thus far – PB jar for rehydration 1 oz MSR pocket rocket on standby if needed
utensil: sea to summit titanium spork .3 oz “spork” speaks for itself
water: 2 gatorade liter bottles, 2 playpus 2.5 liter bottles very light, easy to come by
water purification: household bleach in dropper 3 oz very light compared to traditional water filters that tend to be finicky at best, easy to come by
rain gear: patagonia houdini 4 oz light and packable, probably trade off for a patagonia torrentshell in oregon and washington
cold gear: patagonia nano puffy 9 oz not as warm as down but light, should do the job with layers underneath, burn hole on the back patched with duct tape for style points
cold gear: smartwool ¼ zip 10 oz wool and smell free, good for layering
cold gear: nike running tights 5 oz serves as sleeping pants as well, pockets on the sides
shorts: thrift store american flag running shorts stars and stripes
shirt: generic synthetic running tee light and free
sun shirt: patagonia capilene 1 sun protection, color listed as “papaya”
sun: rei airflyte outback hat thanks REI!
buff great for cool mornings and nights
shoes: new balance mt 110, merrell mix master 2 minimal but has a rock plate
gaiters: dirty girl sweet solar system design
headlamp: black diamond spot 4 oz bright with several modes
knife: mini buck 1 oz just big enough to do the basics
camera: iphone 4 oz extremely versatile
hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, q-tips 5 oz
first aid: bandaids, cleaning pads, disinfectant, tweezers, gauze 3 oz just in case
bear canister (sierras only) 41 oz

following the rules


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