For The Kids

Although the relationship between Quetzaltrekkers and EDELAC is a beacon of sustainability for non-profits all over the world, Quetzaltrekkers is still shy of funding the work of EDELAC entirely. In addition to the supplemental donations EDELAC requires for its daily running costs, EDELAC relies on donations for its longterm development and the services it provides to its kids outside its normal budget.

For these reasons, we plan to split the money we raise for EDELAC among three different projects:

  • Day to Day Costs: We would like to close the gap between the money we were able to raise as QT guides and the money EDELAC truly requires to run. For more details on these running costs, click the link!
  • Growth and Sustainability: Guadalupe, the founder of Quetzaltrekkers, has recently developed a strategic plan to expand the income-earning power of QT and therefore augment the sustainability of EDELAC for the year 2018. We would like to begin building a war chest for this endeavor. For an outline of this plan and what it will entail, click the link!
  • Extra-curricular support: There are three young athletes living in the Hogar Abierto that compete nationally and hope to eventually compete internationally. Competitions, equipment, and transportation for these are kids are not built into the EDELAC budget and we would like to help them out. For more about the kids, click the link!

In line with Quetzaltrekkers and EDELAC transparent financial policy, please contact us if you have any questions regarding the trail your donation takes, from Paypal fees to frequency of transfer from us and subsequent use of the funds by the organization.


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