Day to Day

Our donations to Day to Day costs will be funneled into the same account as the profits accrued from Quetzaltrekkers. In addition to Quetzaltrekkers, EDELAC relies on a small but steady stream of outside donations and it is these funds coupled with constant QT business that power the daily functioning of Escuela de la Calle and the Hogar Abierto.

The aims of Escuela de la Calle are to provide primary education for at-risk youth ages five to fifteen. The costs involved in this endeavor include running and maintaining the building and facilities (classrooms, offices, library, and courtyard with playground), the salaries of the teachers and other professional staff, classroom supplies, and other programs and services specific to the needs of its impoverished local students such as health and dental care, and classes for parents to promote stable family environments and community building.

The Hogar Abierto offers full-time support to children ages seven to eighteen that cannot both continue their education and live at home, be it due to poverty or unstable family environments. In addition to building costs and room and board for seventeen kids, the costs of the Hogar include clothing, medical care, psychological services, and the salaries of the dedicated staff that work round the clock to ensure the Hogar remains a safe, supportive, and drug and violence free environment.