QT in the News

Any sort of (positive) media exposure we can get for this wondrous cause can only be a good thing, whether it encourages people to donate or, hopefully, to make the jump and get on a plane to come on one of our beautiful hikes, the kids will benefit.  The Quetzaltrekkers product is incredible and we really care about the community we’re in (see Elie’s blog post), so all media exposure is great for us, gives the reader something different and shows off any of our sponsors in a radiant light.  So where are we featured…

Backpacker Magazine was delightful enough to include us in their Adventure Treks of 2013, with Quetzaltrekkers being included as “The Best Adventure Philanthropy.”  Now we’re sure the field was pretty small on this one, but that just goes to show how unique our business model is.  Go on adventures and help the community?  Yes please!

The New York Times brilliantly covered our organization in their article Guatemala, Trekking in the Highlands. We’re so grateful for the kind article, and the exposure they’ve given us.

The man beyond Hockeye Productions, Matt, trekked with us and made a truly beautiful video about our Lago Atitlan trek. It even features Henley, one of us QT guides turned PCT tramps!

And our very own GRACE was recently featured in the Omaha World Herald as Nebraska’s poster child for college gap years. The article by the brilliant Matthew Hansen recounts Grace’s time volunteering for Quetzaltrekkers, her plans for our imminent PCT hike, and tidbits about a particular Mexican biking misadventure.

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