Meet the Hikers

Our Aims:

Basic school education and the provision of a home for those that need it by fundraising.  This is at the core of Quetzaltrekkers, we’re raising money for the kids in and around Xela so they can go to school and have a roof over their heads.  It’s a pretty focused view, but baby steps, little by little and all that.

Awareness of the country’s resources and importance of nature.  As a result of the trekking, we hope that the natural wonderment that is Guatemala will not be negatively impacted by “progress” and asset stripping of the country’s resources.

Long term support for Quetzaltrekkers.  We guess the sustainability of the organisation is the next gen aim of the first two, because without those, what’s the point in this one?  But they exist, so this one does.  Sustainability and the ability to continue achieving these goals is essential as the problem doesn’t go away.  EDELAC and QT is up and running and helping the community, we want to keep it that way.

There’s obviously a whole load more that goes in to it, but this is at the core and is why we do it.  But this page is here to explain who “we” are, so let’s see what we can do.

Henley rides atop chicken buses

Foto by Mara Ganes

Foto by Mara Ganes

Jedadiah Henley Phillips (preferred name ‘Henley’, actual name ‘Ladypants’) hails from rodeo country, mixing core values of love to all men and an ability to mutton bust with a veneer of cool, hippy, bearded hero.  With legs that go all the way up to his ass, he’s a long haul athlete and mega fit, he’ll be at the front, no doubt.

Even though we don’t know this man as Jedediah, the name means “friend of God” or “beloved by God”, and we definitely know him as that, he’s probably the purest of us all.
Trail name: Ladypants

Elie treks for the puppies

Love is

Love is

Where Henley is hippy, Elie is just hip.  With roots dug deep in San Francisco and Portland, she’ll be keeping it weird on the trail.  The only one of us with any actual PCT experience, we look to her for stories of what it’s like.  Her answer is usually poetic, elaborate and fear inducing.

The challenge is on for the rest of the team to convince Elie to keep baking this summer.  We’d all love to get our hands on her cinnamon buns…
Trail name: Fourth Wave

Dan faces off with Doris

PCT mascot needed

PCT mascot needed

Dan is by far and away the most awesome of the Quetzaltrekkers team in any shape or form.  He’s also the one that has been nominated to put this page together, so will exercise this freedom more than his legs pre thru hike.  It’s all a lie, in true bumbling British style, Dan will rely on his accent to maintain relationships with the rest of the team.

Saying this, his primary concern this summer is how he’ll stay in touch with the World Cup.  Will England thrive under the lack of expectations?  I doubt it.  Brazil for the win?
Trail name: Special Sauce

Grace climbs La Muela

Crag Climber

Crag Climber

Grace was the first Quetzaltrekker in the QT2PCT ensemble.  For this, she has our gratitude for setting the tone that made us enjoy it so much that we’d hike across America in celebration.  A Nebraskan Jew, a Princeton padawan and an Ultimate (frisbee) disc jockey, the baby of the group surpasses us all with her fancy aliases and life achievements.  PCT thru hiker will just be another “some call me…” when you ask her name.

The only thing that lets her down is her personal hygiene, Grace is gross.  Thankfully, this will be in keeping with the rest of the team on the trail, maybe she can teach us a thing or two.
Trail name: F.D.

And there you have us.  We won’t lie, we can’t wait to do this and will love every minute of it, but if the kids will prosper more by our suffering, we can guarantee that it will be the worst thing we’ve ever done.


2 responses to “Meet the Hikers

  1. Very excited to read about you. I hiked sections A,B,C this spring. But back to my job now. Back on the trail again next year. My wife is from Guate & has a Guatemalan shop in Moss Landing CA. Would love to host you if you happen to be in our area anytime. Good luck & have a fabulous time. Barista

    • Hey Barista! Great to hear you’ve been hiking the trail and even more exciting info about the Guatemala shop, that country sure does have lovely coffee and fine threads.

      We made it in to Oregon a couple of days ago so doubt we will stop by this year, but thank you so much for the kind offer, we’ll be sure to stop by the store at some point in the future.

      Good luck with the store and (maybe) getting back on trail.

      Thanks again,

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