If you do this to a baby…

In a break from the normal chronological ordering of these online musings (much to Elie’s annoyance (band name?)), we have been blessed with immense kindness from strangers on the trail and we need to vent.

Taking a break near the end of a day, downing some fig bars and taking in Mt Rainier, a truck pulls up carrying what can only be described as a strapping Ma and Pa. A quick “You guys hungry?” followed by a no brainer response and Mike and Martha were filling us with deviled eggs, pickled asparagus, homegrown tomatoes, Martha made jams and banana bread. We had lucked out as the evening light hit the mountain.

Mike and Martha are a wholesome couple who play an active role in logging shows and the general WA logging community. Martha was tossing out tales about her kids destroying the competition at climbing poles and their prowess at the double buck while Mike found out if Henley tinkered. Definitely an insight in to a new world.

The next morning we enjoyed the typical up and down of a Washington section and we hiked in to our lunch spot. Instead of a flat bit of dirt to make our tortillas, Not Phil’s Dad had a gazebo, a grill and coolers full of cold drinks. The guy was “super chill” and incredibly generous.

Not Phil hiked in 2009 and his dad, being the legend he is, supported him on many an occasion. Since then, Not Phil’s Dad has set up on the PCT just after Labour Day with goodies (most notably some fine chilli dogs) for hikers. It’s a welcome break in a tough section.

It got us in to Snoqualmie and we’re resting up before our big push for the border. For now, I’m watching the Bear Jew oblige a German captain, what a film.



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