don’t mind the crickets – we’ve been busy getting gear sponsors!

it’s been quiet and less than productive around here as of late, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t spent too much time reading other hikers’ blogs on the journalist and amassing ideas for our own spurt of prolific posting. we have of course been busy, hard at work readying ourselves for april 20th with the same tasks you all are going through yourselves -shakedown hikes, resupply, resupply, water, resupply and spending $300 to shed 5 ounces from our pack weight, while simultaneously looking for that one piece of funny deadweight that will bring replenishing laughs and entertainment on the trail (whoopee cushion or frisbee? or both?).

and amidst all this we’ve been fortunate enough to pick up a sponsor or two to help us with gear!

lawson outdoor equipment
a few weeks ago i came across lawson’s cottage-produced products while perusing the backpacking threads for titanium tent stakes. with just one email and a very quick response, he set us up with a couple dozen shepherd’s hook stakes and about 150 feet of reflective, hi-viz cord!


i had the chance to put the stakes up against 40 mph winds this past weekend in the guadalupe mountains, and they kept my tent happily on the ground! lawson is a seasoned backpacker and understands the benefits of high-quality, lightweight gear, and it stands out in his work. have a look here!

zpacks is already well established within the backpacking community with a reputation for impossibly light gear and great customer service. my sierra designs dridown bag that i initially planned to carry induced plenty of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” for its weight and packability from clients while guiding at QT, but hold it up to a zpacks 20F bag, and it’s apples and naranjas.

many thanks to joe for the nice deal he worked for me and super fast shipping to get it to me before a weekend of backpacking. have some extra $$$$ to spend? no? well you can have a look and dream at least.

dan did the legwork on this one and was rewarded with a really nice discount on the solarmonkey adventurer. we need the sun to power our devices, but being from the south of england, dan is simply excited about the prospect of sun and wants to harvest a bit of it to take back with him. powertraveller seems to be one of the go-to solar chargers on the european market, so we’re very excited to bring one over and test its worth on the pct.

what are we going to do with all this fanastic gear?

we’re hiking for the kids of guatemala!

are you hiking for a social cause too? if so, please leave us a comment with your blog so we can connect, inspire and encourage one another!






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