Thank you Quickdraw!

We just want to take a few lines to say thank you to this guy, John Mcgraw.


john comes from tulsa, oklahoma. he’s an anthropologist who studies interesting topics like religion, indigenous cultures, and somehow combines the two into a particular study that sounds much more intelligent coming from the man himself.

i had the pleasure of hiking with john in guatemala, and together we experienced some of the most uncomfortable hiking conditions in my time there – cold wind that blew the cold rain sideways against our cold bodies, onto our cold-soaked clothes, down to our cold bones. at 9000 feet. for 10 hours.

john (at left) keeping calm amidst the sideways rain and cold

a quick bathroom break on the altiplano on our way to a warm fire to dry our clothes

john kept calm the whole day through and was a joy to have. most importantly, though, john is our first donor and we want to say thank you.

thank you!

please follow in his footsteps if you can and help us in our efforts to support at-risk youth in guatemala. this is why we hike – for the kids! we’ve added a page where we’ll post each donor’s name, his/her contribution, and the way that donation will be used down to the exact dollar amount. transparency is key!

thanks again john!



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